Project Description

Client: NLNG

Civil Works
• Removal of glass wall partition within CCR building
• Removal of timber wall protection
• Removal/installation of new consoles
• Installation of raised floor tile and skirting
• Removal/installation of ceiling tiles
• Installation of acoustic panels
• Casting of foundation for containerized UPS Building

Instrument Works
• Laying and testing of cables
• Removal/installation of vesda tubing
• Installation of smoke detectors
• Safety instrumentation & control system upgrade within CCR

Electrical Works
• Installation of cable trays
• Earthing of cable trays & Switch-panels
• Laying, testing and termination of cables in consoles power distribution boards
• Removal/ installation of light fixture
• Installation of Consoles E, D, B, G, A, C, F
• Install new ELCO cables, Install new consoles,
• Energize consoles, Modify MDF panels,
• Hot Cut-over of equipment from old consoles to new consoles
• Cutover ESD panels & SAT
• Installation of Vital DBs
• Cable laying, testing and termination
• Commissioning of Vital DBs
• Installation of switchgear & tie-in to existing switch gear
• Cable laying and termination
• Commissioning of switchgear
• Installation of UPS building and associated devices
• Installation, connection and energisation of UPS batteries
• Laying, testing, earthing and termination of interconnecting signal and power cables within and outside UPD building
• Commissioning and start-up of UPS Building

• Installation of PA system
• KVMS Network installation & upgrade
• Installation of EQMS Electronic queuing system
• FOC pulling-from 17 FARs to CRAR B.
• Installation of Patch Panels in the FARs and CRAR B.
• FOC splicing & testing