Project Description

Client: SPDC

The scope of the projects include the following:

Civil Works
• Removal of glass wall partition within CCR building
• Removal of timber wall protection
• Removal/installation of new consoles
• Installation of raised floor tile and skirting
• Removal/installation of ceiling tiles
• Installation of acoustic panels
• Casting of foundation for containerized UPS Building

Instrument Works
• Laying and testing of cables
• Removal/installation of vesda tubing
• Installation of smoke detectors
• Safety instrumentation & control system upgrade within CCR

Electrical Works
• Installation of cable trays
• Earthing of cable trays & Switch-panels
• Laying, testing and termination of cables in consoles power distribution boards
• Removal/ installation of light fixture
• Installation of Consoles E, D, B, G, A, C, F
• Install new ELCO cables, Install new consoles,
• Energize consoles, Modify MDF panels,
• Hot Cut-over of equipment from old consoles to new consoles
• Cutover ESD panels & SAT
• Installation of Vital DBs
• Cable laying, testing and termination
• Commissioning of Vital DBs
• Installation of switchgear & tie-in to existing switch gear
• Cable laying and termination
• Commissioning of switchgear
• Installation of UPS building and associated devices
• Installation, connection and energisation of UPS batteries
• Laying, testing, earthing and termination of interconnecting signal and power cables within and outside UPD building
• Commissioning and start-up of UPS Building

• Installation of PA system
• KVMS Network installation & upgrade
• Installation of EQMS Electronic queuing system
• FOC pulling-from 17 FARs to CRAR B.
• Installation of Patch Panels in the FARs and CRAR B.
• FOC splicing & testing

The procurement scope for the project is broadly classified into Long Lead Items (LLI) and Bulk materials. The LLI are made up of the compressors, process vessels, Gas Metering system, utility packages like the Electrical / power systems, instrument air packages, Instrument and control systems and so on.

On the other hand, the bulk materials are mainly pipes / fittings, manual valves, steel structural members, cables / cable trays etc.