Project Description

Client: SEPLAT

The design input Information includes:

Overall compression capacity: 20mmscfd

There are two stages of compression
- Stage 1 suction/discharge pressure: 3/10 barg
- Stage 2 suction/discharge pressure: 10/30barg

Stage 2 suction header shall be designed with flexibility to receive combined AG streams from both the Stage 1 discharge header and the Flowstation HP Separator.

The Sapele AG compressor unit package to be supplied will feature but not limited to the following components:

- Engine Driver.
- Skid Mounted Compressor Frame and Cylinders.
- Pulsation Bottles, Vessels, Cooler, Piping, Fittings, Valves.
- PLC based control panel & associated Instrumentation.
- Inlet & Outlet Scrubber for each Compressors stage, excluding an outlet Scrubber on the final discharge.

Other supply scope details:
- Engineering design and selection of compressor package
- Fabrication and construction
- Procurement and delivery (DDP)
- Factory Acceptance Test
- Schedule of manufacturing and delivery (to be provided by vendor)
- Pre-commissioning and Commissioning
- Commissioning spares and 2 years operating spares.
- Classroom and hands-on training and also 3month reliability run.
- Special tools and manuals including calculations and drawings