Project Description

Client: NPDC
Capacity: 5MMSCF

This is subdivided into Front End Engineering Design and Detailed Engineering Design.

Front End Engineering Design (FEED) was carried out by Enerflex Ltd of Canada with review by MAKON and final oversight review and approval function by SPDC Discipline Engineers to Shell DEP and international standards.

Detailed Engineering Design (DED) was done to Shell DEP and international standards by a combined team of MAKON and Enerflex Ltd of Canada discipline Engineers, with SPDC performing the oversight review and approval function.

This part of the scope was subdivided into Foreign Long Lead Item which is a direct derivative of the FEED and DED and Overseas Bulk items and Local procurements.

1. Foreign Long Lead Items which are direct derivatives of the FEED and DED were handled as foreign procurement as described below:

- Enerflex Ltd of Canada provided the Reciprocating and Sliding Vane compressors, fuel gas packages, Inlet Knockout Separators, screw and basic compressors’ Unit Control panels, etc

- Siemens of Germany and Ingersoll Rand of South Africa provided design and assembly of the Low voltage switchgear and Instrument Air package respectively.

2. Dexcrest Technical Services Ltd of United Kingdom were contracted to provide various overseas bulk materials such as pipes and fittings, gantry crane and accessories, electrical cable glands, distribution boards, Instrument cable trays, Instrument junction boxes and instrument Tubing and fittings, Uninterrupted power Supply and its accessories, etc.

3. De-Coon Services Ltd in conjunction with Enercon of United States of America supplied 2no. Caterpillar gas driven generators rated at 450KVA and 1no. Olympian diesel driven generator rated at 250KVA.

4. Local procurement; This consist basically construction and fabrication consumables, roofing materials, electrical cables, etc as described below:

The MCC/FAR building fabrication is being under taken by Galba Nigeria Limited. These steel building/ shelter are meant to house the Low Voltage Switchgear and Delta V system respectively.
The smokeless Flare package made up of the Flare Stack and its Ignition Panel were fabricated locally by BOSKEL. The Flare Stack bears a specially designed Flare tip.

System was provided by AOS Orwell and it incorporates the Process Automation System (PAS) and Safety Instrumented System (SIS). The PAS and SIS constitutes the Integrated Control and Safety System (ICSS) which provides centralized monitoring and supervisory control via human/machine interface which serve as the operator’s single window to the entire plant.

Telecommunication is provided by Adtran Ltd, on behalf of METS whose scope of work entails provision of LAN& WAN Systems, Telecoms Closet, UPS Power Systems, CCTV System, Telephone System, E&L Systems, and Cable Systems.

Others include:

- Aluminum towers for roofing sheets.
- Orazulike and Ejemba for steel sections for the fabrication of shed stanchions
- Larfage WAPCO for cement for the casting of process equipment foundations
- Host community local suppliers for river sand and granites
- KabelNexam for electrical cables and wires
- Fire and Gas Detection and Protection materials by Draise Energy Ltd.

Mobilization to site was carried out in 2011 with the provision of site office and accommodation for construction staff in the neighbouring village. Other skidded equipment such the AG Compressor, Start-air receiver, flare stack, etc were also mobilized to site. At a point during the construction, the site experienced flooding which halted construction activities for a couple of months. Following remobilization in 2013, outstanding foundation were completed and purchase Orders were raised for unavailable equipment such as the Switchgear, Instrument Air Package, UPS/Batteries, MCC/FAR building and electrical/instrument bulk materials.

All ordered equipment were installed towards the end of 2014/2015. Cable pulling commenced late 2015/2016 with terminations of instrument and Electrical cable. Fabrication of Pipes and pipe supports were already completed as at 2012 awaiting mobilization to site. Equipment shelters were also fabricated in 2014 and moved to site for installation in 2015.

In September 2016, the construction team finally demobilized from site with termination of community workers contract and construction FTO

Commissioning activities commenced with pre-commissioning works early 2016. This progressed to commissioning of the equipment within the control room building. Vendors for the Switchgear and DCS were mobilized in 2016 for commissioning works. Nitrogen Leak test for the process lines were carried out with report signed-off. The flare was ignited in 2016.

During the course of commissioning, punch-list items were raised which includes replacement of installed instrument and Electrical items.

Enerflex was mobilized the first time for Compressor commissioning in July 2017 with other Vendors such as AOS, Caterpillar Rep and Siemens for synchronization activities. Nitrogen purging of the GHF was carried out in July 2017. On October 27, 2017, EFX mobilized for the final commissioning phase. 72hrs run for the compressor was achieved in November 2017 with signed off check sheets.

The 9months defect commenced May 2018 after the release of Mechanical Completion stating outstanding works to be done.

This in effect has been successfully completed. Other defects during this period were rectified during this phase (9months defect period) which elapsed in February 2019. 90days reliability test was stalled due to major pipeline vandalization by unknown persons which resulted into prolonged site shutdown.

Final demobilization and site clean-up was carried out in March 2018 following the successful completion of commissioning activities.