Adibawa Gas Solution is a 5mmscfd gas gathering facility built next to Adibawa flowstation. It is situated 80km North West of Port Harcourt in a seasonally flooded area in block OML-27.

The gas gathering facility main objective is to

  • Put out the current flaring of the gas produced from the flowstation
  • Protect current production of about 9mbopd by eliminating routine flaring of produced AG by gathering Surge, Low Pressure and High Pressure Vessels’ gas, compress them, export through a pipeline to a gas treatment plant to a sales gas quality.
  • Support operability, maintainability and reduce Client, SPDC, OPEX
  • Support sustainability development of host community
  • Give due focus to HSSE standards.

SPDC and MAKON entered into an Engineering, Procurement and Construction agreement to build the 5mmscfd gas gathering facility in Adibawa. MAKON, in order to fulfill her client’s expectation went into a technical agreement with Enerflex Ltd of Canada. Therefore Enerflex became MAKON main vendor for design and process equipment fabrication.

This is subdivided into Front End Engineering Design and Detailed Engineering Design.

Front End Engineering Design (FEED) was carried out by Enerflex Ltd of Canada with review by MAKON and final oversight review and approval function by SPDC Discipline Engineers to Shell DEP and international standards.

Detailed Engineering Design (DED) was done to Shell DEP and international standards by a combined team of MAKON and Enerflex Ltd of Canada discipline Engineers, with SPDC performing the oversight review and approval function.

This part of the scope was subdivided into Foreign Long Lead Item which is a direct derivative of the FEED and DED and Overseas Bulk items and Local procurements.

1. Foreign Long Lead Items which are direct derivatives of the FEED and DED were handled as foreign procurements as described below:

  • Enerflex Ltd of Canada provided the Reciprocating and Sliding Vane compressors, fuel gas packages, Inlet Knockout Separators, screw and basic compressors’ Unit Control panels, etc
  • Siemens of Germany and Ingersoll Rand of South Africa provided design and assembly of the Low voltage switchgear and Instrument Air package respectively.

2. Dexcrest Technical Services Ltd of United Kingdom were contracted to provide various overseas bulk materials such as pipes and fittings, gantry crane and accessories, electrical cable glands, distribution boards, Instrument cable trays, Instrument junction boxes and instrument Tubing and fittings, Uninterrupted power Supply and its accessories, etc.

3. De-Coon Services Ltd in conjunction with Enercon of United States of America supplied 2no. Caterpillar gas driven generators rated at 450KVA and 1no. Olympian diesel driven generator rated at 250KVA.

4. Local procurement; This consist basically construction and fabrication consumables, roofing materials, electrical cables, etc as described below:

  • The MCC/FAR building fabrication is being under taken by Galba Nigeria Limited. These steel building/ shelter are meant to house the Low Voltage Switchgear and Delta V system respectively.
  • The smokeless Flare package made up of the Flare Stack and its Ignition Panel were fabricated locally by BOSKEL. The Flare Stack bears a specially designed Flare tip.
  • System was provided by AOS Orwell and it incorporates the Process Automation System (PAS) and Safety Instrumented System (SIS). The PAS and SIS constitutes the Integrated Control and Safety System (ICSS) which provides centralized monitoring and supervisory control via human/machine interface which serve as the operator’s single window to the entire plant.
  • Telecommunication is provided by Adtran Ltd, on behalf of METS whose scope of work entails provision of LAN& WAN Systems, Telecoms Closet, UPS Power Systems, CCTV System, Telephone System, E&L Systems, and Cable Systems.
  • Aluminum towers for roofing sheets.
  • Orazulike and Ejemba for steel sections for the fabrication of shed stanchions
  • Larfage WAPCO for cement for the casting of process equipment foundations
  • Host community local suppliers for river sand and granites
  • KabelNexam for electrical cables and wires
  • Fire and Gas Detection and Protection materials by Draise Energy Ltd.

Adibawa construction is made up of the following:

1. Steel fabrications and installations of sheds
2. Concrete works for process equipment foundations and other heavy equipment like generators’ foundations
3. Mechanical and electrical equipment installations
4. Instrumentation, automation and control equipment installations
5. Piling/ Excavation/ Blinding/ Re-Barring/ Formworks.
6. Concreting/ Concrete casting.
7. Process lines installations

Individual Long Lead Equipment like the Reciprocating and Sliding Vane compressors, fuel gas packages, Inlet Knockout Separators and Instrument air package on the side process equipment and power systems like Low voltage switchgear , gas and Diesel Generators were first independently commissioned before the final integration into a single system.

To ensure a seamless& successful commissioning, detailed commissioning processes were duly adhered to during this phase. E.g. sequence of action, sign-off of check /punch sheets A,B and C, Lock-in Tag-out, etc.

The Commissioning phase was succeeded by the 90 Days Reliability Testing of the Gas Handling Facility.

At the completion of the start-up process, the plant was commissioned to run continuously for 90days for reliability.
During the reliability period, the Associated Gas solution facility will be monitored by a combined team of MAKON, the Technical Vendor and Shell Operational staff.

SDPC staff will be trained in practice and theoretically. At the success of the reliability test run, the entire system is handed over to Shell management and signed of as a completed and commissioned plant.

In order to keep a complete and meticulous track of all document deliverables expected from MAKON by the Client, an electronic document transfer system was evolved.

References for tracking documents were agreed with the Client. This process enabled MAKON and Shell, the Client, to agree on which document is delivered and which document is outstanding.

A virtual File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is created in the cyber space for storage and sharing of documents. This usually is hosted and managed by a third party through the provision of password and codes.

• The FTP operated by MAKON is called EGNYTE which is in tune with Shell’s LIVELINKS

The processes involve in operating and maintainin the plant nclude the following:
1. Key Personnel of the operations department of Shell will be trained for operation and maintenance.
2. A complete set of Operation and maintenance procedures will be given as part of the hand over notes.
3. Shell will sign an agreement to have a few of the technical Vendors on hand to provide Facility operations assistance as part of flawless delivery.
4. Shell through the E-SPIR system Operations and maintenance spare parts stock management will be driven.

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