HSE Management System

Makon Group conducts her businesses consistently in a manner to ensure that there are no injuries to people, or harm to our environment.

This obligation and commitment is facilitated through our robust Health, Safety, Security and Environmental Protection Policy and HSE Management Systems which key features includes:

  • Visible management commitment, effective communication and HSE training to promote the safety, health and wellbeing of our employees, the community and our environment.
  • Measurable goals promoting continual improvement toward zero incidents and the prevention of pollution.
  • Line management accountability for HSSE matters and the individual contribution of all employees.
  • Contractual obligations from our employees and subcontractors to health, safety and environmental protection as a condition of employment and that they are responsible for their health & safety and of those around them.
  • Promoting a culture where our “Stop Work Authority” is exercised openly and freely without the fear of retribution and is valued as a proactive process to control HSSE risks and impacts.
  • Integration of HSSE considerations, including identifying and controlling risks and impacts into our business decisions, plans and operations.
  • Periodic audits and reviews of HSSE systems and performance.
  • Compliance with applicable legislation, regulations and relevant industry standards.
  • Provision of appropriate resources to implement this policy.

As a responsible corporate organization, we are fully committed to ensure the health and safety of our workforce, and the responsible protection of our environment is the highest priority, whilst supplying products and services in a safe and sustainable manner. We understand that effective management of HSE is good for our business and our clients and, it is “the right thing to do”

“Do the right thing, even if nobody is watching you”